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Publix Sale 3/6-3/12

9 Mar, 2014


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This week’s Publix Sale 3/6-3/12 is helped by the weekend gas card deal.  With this deal, when you buy $50 worth of groceries, you can redeem the in-ad coupon for $10 off your purchase of a $50 gas card.  The $50 grocery purchase is before coupons, so you can do really well with this deal. … Read more

Smart Source 2/23 Preview

16 Feb, 2014


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Here is the preview of the coupons in the Smart Source 2/23 insert. There will only be a Smart Source insert in next Sunday’s paper, and there are often regional differences. For example, Colgate toothbrush coupons tend to vary regionally, and the Colgate coupons dropped in some regions may allow doubling while coupons dropped in … Read more

Publix Ad 2/13-2/19

16 Feb, 2014


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This week’s Publix Ad 2/13-2/19 combined with the Publix Advantage flyer savings will allow us to finish our second $2,000 Clip Hunger challenge.  As of today, we have spent $1,944 and acquired $10,049 worth of food.   Here is what we are buying this week for the North Gwinnett Co-op:  Publix Ad 2/13-2/19, weekly savings … Read more

Publix Sale 2/6-2/12

This is a surprisingly good week for the food bank with the Publix Sale 2/6-2/12.  The deals that we are focusing on are mostly the continuing deals from last week with Wolf Chili and free Mahatma Rice, along with cereal sales and an interesting deal on canned fruit.  Remember that if you need extra coupons, … Read more

Publix Sale 1/30-2/5

This is a fair week for the food bank with the Publix Sale 1/30-2/5.  The deals that we are focusing on are mostly the continuing deals from last week with Wolf Chili and free Mahatma Rice.  We have spent over $1,600 of our second $2,000 Clip Hunger Challenge for the North Gwinnett Co-op and we … Read more


Listelopes are great. I used to make my grocery list, but then I would forget my coupons at home. With Listelopes, I now remember both my coupons and my list. With everything in one place, grocery shopping and check-out are now a breeze.
This is the absolute BEST app ever!
Dear Couponers, BUY THIS APP! I added Qseer to my weekly couponing routine and that has absolutely changed the way I coupon. (Rosa M.)

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