Coupon Databars – Boy Did We Get Conned

25 Jun, 2013


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If you like to coupon, whether as an occasional user or a complete addict, you are a victim of one of the great corporate con jobs of all time.  First, let me say that I am an avid couponer.  Not quite as addicted as those people on the TLC show, but still a fanatic.   My background is a bit different from that of most couponers.  You see, before I retired to raise my kids, I used to be one of the corporate brand people who designed coupon offers.  So I know all about coupons from the perspective of the other side of the counter.   Now back to our story.

Beginning about a year ago, you and I were introduced to a new style of bar codes on coupons.   You’ve seen those stacks of usually two sets of shorter bars.  They have several technical names that I’ll spare you.  The common name is “databar”.   We were given all sorts of reasons that databars were good for us.  They’ll make it easier to check-out.  They’ll reduce fraud.  They’ll allow for higher coupon values.  And so on.   As much as a lot of us distrust big business, we pretty much accepted everything, especially because we had no choice.   Deep in the back of your mind, didn’t you have a feeling that we were getting shafted somehow?   There are literally thousands of couponing blogs in this country, and not one has posted a negative story about databars.   Why is that?  No, our fellow bloggers are not to blame.  They had no way of knowing the truth.  It’s like why no one wrote about Watergate until Woodward and Bernstein broke the whole story.

The answer lies in the fact that the databar involves very complex math.  Very complex.  Like it takes a math wunderkind to understand.  Someone like Charlie from NUMBɜRS or Dr. Brennan from Bones.  Not many of us coupon junkies fit that description.   And even if you have the math skills to understand the codes, you then have to know couponing in order to understand the real effects.   As luck would have it, I have one of those math guys as my husband.   It took him a while, but he broke the databar code.   When we put together my coupon experience with his genius, it was like massive light bulbs turning on.  We knew that these things would be game-changers for couponers, and that we had a duty to get this story out.   Over the next few weeks I’ll be explaining the truth about databars that couponers need to know.  The secrets that those bars conceal.  The ways to protect yourself.   And the benefits that are really available!

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