Coupon Clipping Services – Coupon Manicurists?

22 Aug, 2013


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Do you go to a nail salon for your manicures?  If so, its not because you can’t do the job yourself, but because the professionals do such a nice job.  I say that the same logic applies to clipping coupons!

Yes, in a way, the coupon manicurist does exist, under the name “coupon clipping service”.  A coupon clipping service provides coupons for you, neatly trimmed coupons and grouped together in the quantity that you need.  Now that eBay will effectively cease coupon listings come September 1, the independent coupon clippers are more important than ever.  Let me help you find a coupon clipping service to meet your “couponicure” needs.

First let’s address the cost of a coupon clipping service.  The best clipping services charge a fee around $0.10 per coupon clipped for you.  That fee includes the coupon, which is very much like nail polish in that it is the physical item that you take away as part of the manicure service.   Clipping services are great to help you stock up on great deals.  If your alternative is to buy extra Sunday newspapers at $2.50 or more, then a clipping service can be a better  use of your money.  For some of us with arthritis or other disabilities, a clipping service is our only path to being able to coupon, and the service fee is small in comparison to the savings.

In addition to varying fee structures, some of the clipping services variables that you should consider include:

  • Shipping location
  • Minimum quantities of each coupon
  • Minimum order value
  • Shipping methods and fees
  • Quantity limits
  • User-friendliness of their website
  • Order processing speed and other customer service features

With our Food Bank project, our household had to be one of the biggest users of coupon clipping services.  We’ve used services from coast to coast, and the list below represents only the ones with our best ratings – at least 7 out of 10 on Brad’s impossible standards.   Note that CouponFleaMarket.Com is a multi-vendor site dedicated to coupon clipping, and many eBay sellers are in the process of moving.  These people work hard.  At 10¢ per coupon, imagine how many coupons you have to clip to earn a decent living!

Do you use coupon clipping services too?  Which coupon clipping services are your favorites?

Service Name Shipping Location Pricing and quantities Tips and Evaluations  Seattle, WA area(delivery to Atlanta usually in 2 business days with $1.50 postage option)
  • Each coupon 10¢ first week, then drops to 5¢
  • Minimum Order $2
  • No minimum per Q, no limits
  • First class mail 60¢, with tracking $1.50


  • Rated 9 out of 10
  • Excellent service
  • Website opens each week on Sunday 3pm Eastern time
  • Hot coupons sellout quickly Christiana, TN(takes 2-3 business days for mail to Atlanta)
  • Fees range from 8¢ to 40¢ depending on Q face value
  • No minimum order size
  • Shipping flat $1 for first class mail
  • No minimum per Q, hot Qs have limits 12 to 48

  • Rated 9 out of 10
  • Excellent service
  • Ships same day as order
  • Best communication in class
  • Coupons available several days BEFORE Sunday paper FL(Tampa area)
  • No minimum order size
  • Qs in lots of 5
  • Most fees 8¢ – 10¢ per Q
  • Free first class mail with $5 order (46¢ for smaller orders)
  • Free priority mail with $25 order


  • Rated 8 out of 10
  • Excellent service
  • Frequently offers discount codes and specials
Leeleebiz  vendor GA(Atlanta area)
  • Most Qs in lots of 10
  • Most fees 10¢ per Q
  • No minimum order size
  • Flat $1 shipping, usually get first class with tracking
  • Rated 9 out of 10
  • Excellent service
  • Ships same day as order
  • Couponfleamarket website takes some time to learn Harrod, OH (Lima area)
  • Fees range from 6¢ to $1 depending on Q face value
  • Minimum 3 to 5 for most Qs
  • Hot Qs have limits of 10
  • Shipping $1.15, Free for orders over $15
  • Rated 8 out of 10
  • Excellent service
  • Great customer loyalty program, automatically applies rewards earned
Djd101775 vendor Nashville, TN
  • Most Qs in lots of 10
  • No minimum order size
  • Flat $1 shipping
  • Rated 7 out of 10
  • Excellent service  Lebanon, TN(Nashville area)
  • Fees range from 8¢ to $1 depending on Q face value
  • Postage fee based on weight, usually 50¢ per 50 Qs


  • Rated 7 out of 10
  • Excellent service
  • Stay at home mom works two businesses


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  1. says:

    .03-.10 per coupon

    Free shipping

    1.00 admin fee per order

    Ships from Wisconsin

    No minimum order

    No limits

    Small company, fast shipping, high customer loyalty, ships same day, great service.

    A Father, Daughter and Granddaughter business.

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