Publix Ad 11/21/13-11/27/13

This Publix Ad 11/21/13-11/27/13 has a smorgasbord of really great deals.  As we are buying our turkeys and pie crusts in preparation for a family feast, let us pause to think of all the families for whom this kind of Thanksgiving dinner is out of reach.  Perhaps this week we can all add an extra few dollars of grocery purchases to help families in need!  Please note that some of the coupon match-ups expire Saturday, November 23, so start shopping!

Our Listelope for the North Gwinnett Co-op features:

At Publix through 12/6/13 (Grocery Advantage Deals)
Margaret Holmes Canned Vegetables, small 15oz can – 2 for $2.00 on shelf, 2 for $1.00 after coupon
-       SC $1.00/2 Glory Foods or Margaret Holmes Vegetables (14.5oz to 15.25oz.), All The Trimmings flyer
Look for the All Trimmings flyer in displays in the front of your Publix.  If you don’t see the flyer, you can always ask for it at customer service since they might have extras.  

Margaret Holmes Canned Italian Green Beans, large 27oz can – 2 for $2.50 on shelf, 2 for $1.50 after coupon
-       SC $1.00/2 Glory Foods or Margaret Holmes Vegetables (27oz.), All The Trimmings flyer
Last week we only mentioned the large can deal, but then we found that the smaller cans were available at an unadvertised discount in Suwanee and Sugar Hill.  Your results may vary.
At Publix through 11/28/13 (Weekly Sale Items)
Domino Sugar, 4lb bag – $1.99 on shelf, $0.99 after doubled coupon
-        MC $0.50/1 Domino Sugar, 2lb or larger, printable
Never thought about donating staples like sugar and flour?  These are highly appreciated by needy families!
Del Monte Vegetables, assorted varieties, 11oz to 15.25oz can – 4 for $2.50 (B1G1) on shelf, 4 for $1.50 after coupon ($0.38 each)
-        MC $0.50/4 Del Monte Canned Vegetables, SS 11/3/13
Food Banks tend to be inundated with canned corn and green beans, so this is an excellent time to shop for other veggies.  We’ve been buying the spinach and the carrots!

 General Mills Big G Chex Cereals, 12.8oz to 14.25oz box – 2 for $3.69 (B1G1) on shelf, 2 for $1.69 with coupons
-        MC $1.00/2 General Mills Chex Cereals, printable plus
-        SC $1.00/2 General Mills Chex Cereals, All The Trimmings flyer
Buying an “adult” cereal for less than $1 a box is always a sweet deal! 

 Barilla Pasta Sauce, 24oz jar – 2 for $2.59on shelf (B1G1), as low as 2 for $0.59 after coupon
-       MC $1.00/1 jar of Barilla Pasta Sauce, SS 9/29/13, Expires 11/23/13, or
-       MC $0.75/1 jar of Barilla Pasta Sauce, SS 9/29/13, Expires 11/23/13 (coupon varied regionally)
This is a great deal but you have to act quickly.  We’re in high gear shopping mode today! 

 Mueller’s Pasta (traditional), 1lb box – 2 for $1.57on shelf (B1G1), 2 for $0.57 after coupon
-       MC $1.00/2 Mueller’s Pasta, SS 9/22/13, Expires 11/23/13
Our Food Bank prefers spaghetti, linguini, and similar noodles because they require much less storage space than shapes like elbows, bowties, and rigatoni. 

 Mueller’s Hidden Veggie or 100% Whole Grain Pasta, 1lb box – 2 for $1.57 on shelf, 2 for $0.47 after coupon
-       MC $0.55/1 Mueller’s Hidden Veggie Pasta, SS 9/22/13, Expires 11/23/13
-       MC $0.55/1 Mueller’s 100% Whole Grain Pasta, SS 9/22/13, Expires 11/23/13
The Hidden Veggie pasta box looks the same as the others except with green printing.  Similarly, the 100% Whole Grain boxes have yellow printing.  Most stores should carry these in spaghetti.


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