Publix Sale 3/5-3/11

5 Mar, 2015


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This week’s Publix Sale 3/5-3/11 has the item we have been waiting for – FREE (after coupons) Del Monte Seasoned Vegetables.  There are a few other items for the North Gwinnett Co-op too!

Here are the items we are buying this week:

Publix Sale 3/5-3/11, weekly savings
Del Monte Seasoned Vegetable Cans, $1 each on shelf,  FREE after coupons. 
-       MC $.50/1 Del Monte Seasoned Vegetables, SS 1/11 (regional drop)
-       MC $.50/1 Del Monte Seasoned Vegetables, SS 1/11
The $.50/1 coupon was a regional coupon drop, and the coupon is valid only on the Seasoned Vegetables shown on the coupon.  QSeer users will see a unique family code displayed when scanning the coupon which means the coupon is only valid on the item described in English on the coupon.  The Seasoned Vegetables is a relatively new product, and Del Monte supported the product with an aggressive coupon drop.  We thought the coupon might end up being useful, so we acquired about 200 of the coupons back in January.  This is the week to use the coupons, so we are enlisting the help of our friends to redeem the coupons for the Co-op!   

Mahatma Rice 1 pound short grain or long grain rice, $1.29 on shelf, $.19 after coupon. 
-        MC $.50/1 Mahatma Rice, RP 1/25
With this great coupon deal in the market helping Mahatma and Watermaid rice to sell at a brisk pace, Publix keeps changing the price of the one pound bags of rice.  Just check to see which variety of rice is the least expensive.   We are also giving rice coupons to our friends that are helping redeem the Delmonte coupons this week!   

Ragu Pasta Sauce, $2.19 on shelf, 2 for $1.44 after coupon
-        MC $.75/2 Ragu Pasta Sauce, RP 2/15
This is a good price for Ragu pasta sauce, but the Ragu coupons do not scan at Publix.  The coupons have an error in the databar, and while they will scan at some stores, they do not work at Publix.  So if you have a nice cashier who will put in the override, then go ahead and buy the Ragu. 

Klip2Save coupon clipping service still has coupons available for almost all of these deals – though not the Del Monte vegetables.  If you want to buy extra food to support our food banks, coupon clipping services are a great way to go!

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