Publix Sale 7/2/15-7/8/15

3 Jul, 2015


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This week’s Publix Sale 7/2/15-7/8/15 has a few good deals. We delivered food to the North Gwinnett Co-op this week, and their shelves are pretty bare.  They were happy to get our carload of boxes and cans.  The Co-op is giving families extra food during the summer months, so we all need to donate!

Here are the items we are buying this week:

Publix Sale 7/2/15-7/8/15, weekly savings:
General Mills Cheerios Cereal, BOGO $2.19 on shelf, $1.19 after coupon. 
 MC $.50/1 Cheerios, SS 6/7
This is a decent price for Cheerios.  We prefer to pay under $1 per box for cereal, but the Co-op is low on cereal, so we are going to help them restock.

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops BOGO $2.13 on shelf, $1.13 after coupon. 
   MC $.50/1 Frosted Flakes, printable
The coupon printable link also contains a coupon that specifies Fruit Loops Bloopers cereal.  QSeer users will certainly scan that coupon to see if it is a “blooper.”

Newman’s Own Pasta Sauce, $2 on shelf, $1 after coupon. 
-        MC $.50/1 Newman’s Own Pasta Sauce, RP 6/25
This is a high quality pasta sauce at a good price.  Publix also has Barilla pasta on sale for $.79 per box to make a quick meal.    

Mahatma Rice 1 pound short grain or long grain rice, $1.29 on shelf, $.19 after coupon. 
-        MC $.50/1 Mahatma Rice, RP 4/26
With this great coupon deal in the market helping Mahatma and Watermaid rice to sell at a brisk pace, Publix keeps changing the price of the one pound bags of rice.  Just check to see which variety of rice is the least expensive.  

Coupon clipping services can be a great way to go if you need to acquire multiple copies of certain coupons.  Klip2Save typically has a good coupon inventory.  Please let us know if you find any other great deals!

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