Coupon Errors

This week had one of the worst coupon errors we have ever seen. If anyone ever asks why you need QSeer, just show them this Tena coupon from the Sunday 10/25 SmartSource.

Tena coupon error

The Tena coupon states $3 off one, but the barcode is encoded as $1 off one. Plus, the barcode has an expired expiration date of 8/26/15! We don’t recommend using this coupon at the store. Even if your cashier overrides the expiration date, the computer will automatically deduct only $1 due to the barcode error.

Personally, there are certain products that I am embarrassed to buy at the store. The manufacturer of Tena actually advertises a home delivery service for this product, so they must realize the embarrassment factor. When a coupon doesn’t scan at checkout, the cashier typically reads the coupon and then pulls the product out of your shopping bag to scrutinize it. That can be awkward enough, but just think of the embarrassment when you are buying a product for incontinence.

SC Johnson didn’t do much better this week. The Glade Candles coupon below on the left says save $1 when you buy TWO Glade Jar Candles or ONE Glade Large Candle. However, the coupon’s barcode requires you to buy TWO candles regardless of the size. So if you buy one Glade Large Candle, the checkout computers will reject your coupon.

Glade coupon errorglade coupon errors

The Glade Plugins Scented Oil coupon on the right says save $1 when you buy ONE Twin Refill or TWO Single Refills, but the barcode is $1 off either ONE. In this case, consumers benefit from the coding error.

Does your store double coupons? This week there were eight coupons with written terms about doubling that don’t match what is in the barcode. Just email me at if you would like the list. Of course, coupon acceptance is always up to your individual store.

By the way, we know how to fix these problems and are happy to help any manufacturers who want to improve the quality of their coupons.

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