Publix Sale 10/22-10/28

22 Oct, 2015


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We took two SUV loads of food to the North Gwinnett Co-op this week. It was so great to fill up our cars with the food we have been acquiring for the past couple of months and take it over to the people who need it. This week is Gwinnett County’s Great Days of Service, and we were thrilled to have a family service activity!

So now that all the food we had been buying is at the Co-op, it is time to focus on the next round of donations. Fortunately, this week’s Publix Sale 10/22-10/28 has good deals on canned vegetables, cereal, and more for our local food banks. Print coupons for Campbell’s soup and Lucky Charms before leaving home. If you are heading to Publix, here are a few items to buy for the North Gwinnett Co-op.

Publix Sale 10/22-10/28, weekly savings
Campbell’s Homestyle Soup, $1.20 on shelf after BOGO, $.70 after coupon
-   MC $.50/2 Campbell’s Chunky or Homestyle Soup, SS 9/13
- MC $1/4 Campbell’s Chunky Soup, SS 10/04
- MC $.50/2 Campbell’s Homestyle Soup, printable below
- MC $.75/2 Campbell’s Homestyle Soup, printable
We are heading into cold weather, so soup will be in demand.  This is a good price for a high quality soup, so pick some up if you can.

Del Monte Canned Vegetables, $.63 on shelf after BOGO, $.30 each wyb 3
- SC $1/3 Del Monte Canned Vegetables, Publix Coupon in the Grocery flyer at the front of the store
This is a really easy deal for canned vegetables. With Publix’s limit of 8 BOGO items in one shopping trip, just buy 6 cans each time you are in Publix this week and use 2 coupons from the Publix Grocery flyer.

General Mills Lucky Charms cereal, $1.63 on shelf after BOGO, $.63 after coupon
-     MC $.50/1 Lucky Charms cereal, printable below
We love paying under $1 for cereal. Remember that you can get two prints of each coupon. Just do the first print, and then come back to this site and select the coupon again for a second print.

Ronzoni 150 Pasta, $.79 on shelf after BOGO, $.29 after coupon wyb 2
-     MC $1/2 Ronzoni 150 Pasta, SS 10/4
This is a great price for pasta. The coupons will only scan for the Ronzoni 150 Pasta, so make sure you purchase the correct product. If your store is out of stock, just ask for a rain check. 

Mahatma or Watermaid Rice, $1.15 on shelf, $.15 after coupon
-   MC $.50/1 Mahatma or Watermaid Rice, RP 9/13
We just keep buying one bag of rice every time we are at Publix. Check to see whether the Mahatma or the Watermaid rice in the one pound size is the least expensive. Publix keeps changing the prices on the rice while this great coupon is in the market so just check prices. We also ran into some issues with Publix only allowing us to use one coupon per transaction due to confusing language on the coupon. If your Publix is imposing limits on this coupon, then just redeem one coupon every time you shop! Also, please do not try to use the $.50/1 coupon on the 5oz Mahatma Spanish or Yellow rice, because the coupons are not valid for those products and will not scan.

Klip2Save coupon clipping service has coupons for the Campbell’s soup deal as well as many other coupons.

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