QSeer iPhone Family Code Update

12 Aug, 2016


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Great news! Today we released a QSeer family code update for iPhones and iPads. About 1,000 family codes and manufacturer codes were added or updated to QSeer’s database. We plan to have another family code and manufacturer code release in a few weeks, so keep on the look out for the next update. QSeer Android users will get the update as soon as possible – we are trying to give you the new flash toggle feature at the same time!

We get many questions about family codes, so as a reminder, family codes are created by manufacturers solely for the purposes of coupons. Manufacturers are creating new family codes all the time. As major manufacturers try to reduce coupon misredemption, we are seeing a trend towards brands using increasingly specific family codes rather than broader ones.

Family codes are so complicated that manufacturers frequently make errors. For example, Nestle recently issued a printable coupon that pictured Friskies, but they used the Nestle Toll House family code in the DataBar. As a result, the coupon will scan at the cash register for Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough, but not for Friskies. So if the people issuing coupons can’t understand family codes, don’t feel bad if you struggle with them too!

Even though we just did an update, there are still many codes waiting for the next update. So what should you do when QSeer gives you a family code number rather than a description? The best practice is still to assume the products described in English on the coupon match what is encoded in the coupon’s DataBar.

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This is my favorite app! I am a big couponer and Qseer has opened up a new world to that.
LOVE Qseer and it has saved me sooo much!!!
I really, really love Qseer. It's the first app I have ever bought and it was very much worht it.
I love Qseer and I really appreciate you guys developing it.
I have been looking for an app just like Qseer to help me with my couponing.

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