White Castle Coupon Errors

12 Sep, 2016


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If you got 4 White Castle coupons in this Sunday’s 9/11 SmartSource, odds are you got 3 coupons that won’t scan at the store. If you scanned the coupons with QSeer, you would have noticed that all 4 coupons had the same family code number – 113. This mistake means that 3 of the 4 coupons have the wrong family code.

The coupon that is probably the most popular, $.50/1 6 White Castle Microwaveable Hamburgers or Cheeseburgers, is unlikely to scan at the store. So be prepared if you are shopping at a store like Walmart with an “if your coupon doesn’t scan, we won’t take it” policy.

Some markets only got 2 White Castle coupons. If you are in one of those markets, please let me know what family codes those coupons have or if there are any other regional differences. I will then update this post.

Another coupon issue in the 9/11 SmartSource is the $.50/1 Shout coupon. The manufacturer, Reckitt Benckiser, has changed the product name from Shout to Resolve and now back to Shout. The coupon will scan as described in English on the coupon – we will revise QSeer’s description in the next update. Just notice that despite the massive size of the 50, in really tiny fine print, I think the coupon says do not double. In any event, QSeer reveals that doubling is suppressed. I just wish the manufacturer would disclose important terms in a size that I could read!

I feel bad for a small budget brand like White Castle that really can’t afford a big mistake. How many boxes of White Castles will pile up at check out when consumers abandon their purchase if the cashier won’t take the coupon?

For future coupon drops, we recommend they download the Cheqr app to make sure their coupon databars are correct all the time. Cheqr DataBar Maestro and Cheqr Pro DataBar Builder are available for the iPad on the app store.

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