Campho-Phenique Coupon

Did you print the Campho-Phenique coupon? Wondering what is in the DataBar?

This coupon won’t scan with most phone scanners because the DataBar is too long. Of course, a coupon that we can’t scan with QSeer just makes us more curious, so we pulled out our professional scanner. It turns out the coupon is indeed valid for any Campho-Phenique product – or for any product with the 30024 manufacturer code.


Now for all the details that only the coupon nerds among us want to know…

It looks like Foundation Consumer Healthcare is acquiring Campho-Phenique from Bayer. The DataBar is cleverly set up to charge redemption to Foundation Consumer Healthcare while requiring a purchase from Bayer (#30024). However, rather than using the specific family code for Campho-Phenique, the DataBar uses the 000 family code which makes the coupon valid on any product from the specified manufacturer code.

The DataBar also does not contain an expiration date.

While the intention of the DataBar project was to automate coupon redemption, thereby eliminating the need for manual coupon review at checkout, in practice coupon acceptance is up to your individual store.

We have a lot of sympathy for small companies that issue coupons, and we have developed tools to help manufacturers issue correct coupons every time. The problems with this coupon could be fixed very easily. We recommend that Foundation Consumer Healthcare check out CHEQR DataBar Maestro before issuing any more coupons. CHEQR is the DataBar quality control tool for coupon professionals.

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