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3 Feb, 2017


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With the current Publix BOGO sale, a couple of people asked about the $1/2 Post Cereal coupon in the 1/1 SmartSource. As we learn more about Malt-O-Meal’s family codes, we will update QSeer, but for now you are quite safe buying any of the products described in English on the coupon.

So why are we seeing combined marketing from Post and Malt-O-Meal? Back in 2015, Post bought Malt-O-Meal in a $1.5 billion deal. Malt-O-Meal (or MOM) had been a family owned and run business for 95 years. They were known for selling lower cost cereals in bags. Many of their cereals were knockoffs – for example its Tootie Frooties are very similar to Kellogg’s Fruit Loops.

I worked at Kraft Foods during the time of the Philip Morris acquisition of Kraft. The joke was that the only thing that changed with the acquisition was that ashtrays started showing up in the conference rooms! I expect Post and MOM will do much better than that with their obvious synergies.

And I certainly expect that Malt-O-Meal will create some brand specific family codes. The 100 century code is a very broad family code and would include many more products that those listed in English on the coupon. In fact, it probably includes just about all the cereals with the specified manufacturer codes. Of course, coupon acceptance is always up to your individual store.

As marketing ramps up, we recommend that Post Consumer Brands use CHEQR to make sure their coupons are accurate every time. For example this coupon does not have an expiration date encoded in the DataBar, so it will continue to scan at checkout indefinitely. CHEQR is an iPad app that allows coupon issuers to scan their coupons before printing to identify any errors that are hiding in the DataBar. CHEQR also contains proprietary software that provides alerts for any exposures contained in the coupon’s DataBar – such as no expiry date.

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