Tide Printable Coupon $4.50 off

17 Feb, 2017


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tide printable coupon
Wow – did you see the Tide Printable coupon for $4.50 off 3? It is available on www.p&geveryday.com. This coupon will not scan with QSeer because it has too many digits for a phone based scanner, so we pulled out our professional scanner to see what is in the DataBar.

The most important thing to know is that the DataBar contains a tracking code that links directly to you. The P&G site requires a personal login to print coupons, so that allows them to put your personal info into the tracking number. Whatever you do, do not make copies, sell, or transfer this coupon to anyone else because any redemptions can be tracked back to you.

For purchase requirements, the DataBar contains three family codes. According to what is in encoded in the DataBar, you must buy 2 items from family code 100 which is Tide, Gain, Cheer, Bold, Era, or Dreft laundry products or Dawn, Cascade, Gain, Ivory or Joy dishwashing products.

The other purchase requirement is to buy 1 item from family code 250 which is Downy Fabric Softener, Sheets, or Downy Unstoppables or any Bounce Sheets product, or buy 1 item from family code 260 which is some Febreze products such as Febreze Home Collection, Febreze Air Effects Spray, or Febreze Noticeables Starter Kit or Refills.

All the products must have the 37000 manufacturer code which you can find in the first digits of the package UPC code.

This coupon databar has one fewer digit than the maximum allowed. The very long barcode creates an extra risk that this coupon will not scan at checkout, and remember that coupon acceptance is always up to your individual store.

We do not know why P&G did not use more specific family codes for the Tide detergent purchase requirement. Overall, P&G is very good with coupon barcodes, and they have been actively creating new, specific family codes in some categories. However, for some products they still tend to use very broad family codes which can open them up to unintended redemption. We recommend that P&G and their vendors try out CHEQR. CHEQR is an iPad app designed to provide manufacturers and coupon professionals with quality control verification of DataBars. In addition to showing how a DataBar will be interpreted by store computers, CHEQR also provides a proprietary risk analysis of the DataBar’s exposures.

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This is my favorite app! I am a big couponer and Qseer has opened up a new world to that.
LOVE Qseer and it has saved me sooo much!!!
I really, really love Qseer. It's the first app I have ever bought and it was very much worht it.
I love Qseer and I really appreciate you guys developing it.
I have been looking for an app just like Qseer to help me with my couponing.

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