March BrandSaver Coupon Errors

We scanned the March BrandSaver with QSeer, and the top three March BrandSaver coupon errors are:

1. Dawn Scrubber Sponges
brandsaver coupon errorsbrandsaver coupon errors
The Dawn Scrubber sponges are licensed by Butler Home Products, so that part of the coupon is actually correct. However, the coupon should have been encoded to require you to purchase 2 items from Butler. The way the coupon is encoded, you would have to buy one package of the Dawn Scrubber sponges and one item from P&G with a manufacturer code of 37000 in order for this coupon to scan at checkout. If you just buy the 2 packages of Dawn Scrubber sponges and no P&G 37000 product, this coupon won’t scan.

2. Pampers Diapers
brandsaver coupon errorsbrandsaver coupon errors
P&G uses one family code for all types of Pampers diapers, so while the coupon says “two bags or one box”, the coupon is encoded as $3 off any one Pampers. The same is true for the $3 off Pampers Easy Ups Training Underwear or Underjams coupon. I would expect P&G to eventually create product specific family codes for Pampers as they have been doing with other brands, but for now their ability to support product or size specific offers is limited.

3. Fixodent
brandsaver coupon errorsbrandsaver coupon errors
P&G has two manufacturer codes for Fixodent, but only one family code within each manufacturer code. As a result, the coupon that says it is for $2.50 off Fixodent Twin Pack is encoded just like the coupon that says it is for $1 off Fixodent single pack.

Coupon acceptance is always up to your individual store. We are not passing judgement – simply reporting facts. Our goal is to encourage manufacturers to create coupon barcodes that are correct and will scan as expected at checkout. As a result, we created CHEQR which is an iPad app designed as a quality control tool for coupon issuers. CHEQR enables manufacturers to verify the accuracy of their coupon databars before going to press, while CHEQR PRO also includes a user friendly wizard to build coupon databars.

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