No More Double Dipping at Kroger

29 Mar, 2017


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In the last few days Kroger has updated its point of sale software with one huge change for couponers – there is no more double dipping at Kroger.

Now if you have a digital coupon and the cashier scans a paper coupon for the same item, the checkout computers will reverse the digital coupon transaction and return the digital coupon to your Kroger card. You will only get the savings from the paper coupon.

It used to be that when a cashier scanned a paper coupon, the systems would warn the cashier if an e-coupon had already been applied. The cashier still had the ability to override and give you the savings from your paper coupon too. With kindly cashiers you would often get the benefit of both the digital and the paper coupon. With the system change, it is no longer possible to get the savings from both coupons.

On the checkout monitors, when a paper coupon attaches to the same item, you will see the e-coupon being reversed. However, the printed tape doesn’t show the digital coupon. While shopping today, we discovered that Kroger would default to the paper coupon even when the digital coupon had a higher value, so that means you need to know which coupon has the higher value.

If you are like us, you have a hard time remembering which products have digital coupons. If so, just watch the checkout display carefully for any digital coupons. If you want to use your digital coupon instead of your paper coupon, then don’t give the cashier the paper coupon. Otherwise, once the paper coupon is scanned, the digital coupon savings will be taken off your transaction, and the digital coupon will be reloaded onto your Kroger card.

Checking out at Kroger was already pretty quick, but we give Kroger credit for addressing an issue that was slowing down the checkout process. Meanwhile the nerd in this house is impressed with the clever computer programming.

We shop at Kroger stores in the Atlanta area, but this programming change is probably a national rollout, including Ralphs and other stores in the Kroger ownership group. Has your store made this change too?

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