Cashier Intervention

The Yardley coupon from the 5/21 SmartSource has the cashier intervention code in the databar. As the QSeer output explains, cashier intervention means that the barcode is ignored, and the cashier must verify that you met the purchase requirements and then input the coupon value.
yardley couponcashier intervention

Personally, I work really hard to make sure my coupons will properly tag the items in my cart, and I hate it when the cash register beeps for a coupon. This Yardley coupon will beep regardless of whether or not you purchase the correct items.

Using the cashier intervention code defeats the entire purpose of the databar. Can you imagine if every manufacturer used the cashier intervention code? Checking out with coupons would take forever! The Yardley offer is actually very simple and would have been easy to put in the coupon barcode. Before issuing another coupon, my advice for the Yardley brand group is to purchase CHEQR PRO. CHEQR PRO is an iPad app that contains a user friendly wizard that will allow even the least knowledgeable brand assistant to create accurate coupon databars every time! Contact us for more information on CHEQR or for a demonstration of the app.

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This is my favorite app! I am a big couponer and Qseer has opened up a new world to that.
LOVE Qseer and it has saved me sooo much!!!
I really, really love Qseer. It's the first app I have ever bought and it was very much worht it.
I love Qseer and I really appreciate you guys developing it.
I have been looking for an app just like Qseer to help me with my couponing.

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