Gliss Coupon Error

We have another Schwarzkopf Gliss coupon error. This time the English on the coupon says save $5.49 when you buy 3 Gliss, but the coupon barcode is encoded as buy 2 Gliss and get 1 free. Why is this a problem?

Let’s say you find a great deal on Gliss, with each product on sale for $4. So rather than getting $5.49 off the three, instead the coupon barcode would scan as a buy 2 get 1 free. The checkout computers would automatically deduct just the purchase price, or if your store is like mine and the checkout computers give the cashier a prompt to enter the price of the free item, the cashier would enter the $4 off. Barcode errors like this are what make scanning coupons with QSeer so important for consumers.

Here is how the coupons look on QSeer vs the terms written in English on the coupon.
gliss coupon errorgliss error

I just printed the buy 2 get 1 free coupon yesterday, but now the only option available on is the much better $2/1 Gliss. If you want to print this coupon, just click below.

So is the Schwarzkopf Gliss brand group really struggling with coupon barcodes or are these errors on purpose? I was assuming they were just struggling with coupon barcode design, but now I just got notification from my bank that the Gliss rebate check bounced! Now I am out the $4.99 rebate amount – plus a $12 returned check fee from my bank. Will Schwarzkopf Gliss do the right thing and reimburse me? Let’s hope so!

Henkel is a company that absolutely needs CHEQR. With CHEQR, the brand group can scan a coupon barcode prior to going to press to make sure the terms encoded in the coupon barcode match what is written in English on the coupon. Or they could purchase CHEQR PRO which includes all the verification tools in CHEQR plus a user-friendly wizard to build accurate barcodes every time.

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