Hot Dannon Coupons

25 Jan, 2018


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Hurry and print these hot Dannon coupons. The Activia coupon is coded as $1 off any Dannon product.

QSeer users know that Dannon rarely uses family codes properly, but it is even more rare for Dannon to omit using a family code at all. This omission lets the coupon be used on any Dannon product. This is how the coupon appears on QSeer and how the coupon will scan at the store.

dannon coupon error

Since this is a printable coupon, Dannon could take down the coupon or change the barcode at any time, so if you would like this coupon go ahead and print it now.

We encourage Dannon (and all coupon issuers) to use CHEQR which is a coupon barcode verification app. If Dannon had spent the relatively small fee for CHEQR, scanned their coupon barcodes prior to printing and then made corrections, they could have saved themselves thousands of dollars in unintended redemptions from this coupon alone. This is the exposures report the brand group would have seen if they scanned the barcode with CHEQR.
dannon coupon error

Our goal at Dusty Wallet is for companies to issue accurate coupons. We would be happy to help any manufacturer, printer, or promotions company with their coupon barcodes on a consulting basis. Our team is comprised of consumer marketing veterans with Wharton MBA’s combined with computer science experts from Duke and Georgia Tech. Just send an email to, and we will help you stop making costly errors in your coupon barcodes.

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This is my favorite app! I am a big couponer and Qseer has opened up a new world to that.
LOVE Qseer and it has saved me sooo much!!!
I really, really love Qseer. It's the first app I have ever bought and it was very much worht it.
I love Qseer and I really appreciate you guys developing it.
I have been looking for an app just like Qseer to help me with my couponing.

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