One a Day Coupon Error

7 Jan, 2018


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There is a One a Day coupon error in the 1/7/18 SmartSource that is one of the most ridiculous errors we’ve ever seen. The coupon says save $4 off 1. However, when you scan the barcode with QSeer, you will see that the coupon is incorrectly coded as $4 off 410.
one a day coupon errorqseer one a day

The One a Day brand group used the wrong digit in the quantity indicator field which caused this mistake. This coupon has a short expiration date, so Bayer will only face the wrath of unhappy consumers and retailers for a couple of weeks.

We encourage Bayer (and all coupon issuers) to use CHEQR which is a coupon barcode verification app. If Bayer had spent $249 for CHEQR, scanned their coupon barcodes prior to printing and then made corrections, they could have saved themselves from a multitude of unhappy customers and retailers. This is an example of one of the reports the brand group would have seen if they scanned the barcode with CHEQR.
one a day coupon error

Some pharmaceutical companies don’t put as much focus on their consumer product lines since they aren’t as profitable as their prescription drug lines. However, they must still want their coupons to scan correctly at checkout – why else issue coupons? Bayer should consider purchasing a new databar generating tool such as CHEQR Pro which contains a user friendly wizard to create accurate barcodes everytime.

Our goal is for companies to issue accurate coupons. We would be happy to help Bayer, Newell, or any manufacturer with their coupon barcodes on a consulting basis. Our team is comprised of consumer marketing veterans with Wharton MBA’s combined with computer science experts from Duke and Georgia Tech. Just send an email to

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