Wet n Wild Coupon Error

14 Jan, 2018


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The 1/14 SmartSource contains a wet ‘n wild coupon error. The manufacturer issued three coupons this week. Two of the coupons said they were for $1 off, and one coupon was for $.50 off. However, when you scan the coupons with QSeer, you will see that all three coupons were coded as $1 off.

wet n wild coupon error


So the coupon that says $.50 off will actually deduct $1 at checkout. In addition, none of the coupons have expiration dates in the barcodes, so they will scan at checkout indefinitely.

We encourage Markwins and all coupon issuers) to use CHEQR which is a coupon barcode verification app. If Markwins had spent $249 for CHEQR, scanned their coupon barcodes prior to printing and then made corrections, they could have saved themselves millions in higher than expected redemptions.

Markwins was a late adapter of the GS1 Databar and continued to use the interim coupon barcode long past the approved timeframe. With the missing expiration dates and incorrect save value, it appears Markwins still needs some assistance in building accurate coupon databars. Markwins should consider purchasing a new databar generating tool such as CHEQR Pro which contains a user friendly wizard to create accurate barcodes everytime.

Our goal is for companies to issue accurate coupons. We would be happy to help Markwins, Bayer, Newell, or any manufacturer with their coupon barcodes on a consulting basis. Our team is comprised of consumer marketing veterans with Wharton MBAs combined with computer science experts from Duke and Georgia Tech. Just send an email to dustywalletinc@gmail.com.

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This is my favorite app! I am a big couponer and Qseer has opened up a new world to that.
LOVE Qseer and it has saved me sooo much!!!
I really, really love Qseer. It's the first app I have ever bought and it was very much worht it.
I love Qseer and I really appreciate you guys developing it.
I have been looking for an app just like Qseer to help me with my couponing.

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